• Snakefinger


    By day, a dashing gadabout. By night, a master thief and rapscallion without peer.
  • Captain Gawenar

    Captain Gawenar

    Captain of the city watch, probably a hired mercenary. He used to sport a mighty moustache before he met Snakefinger!
  • Cultists


    Red robed cultists with strange masks showing a mixture of maggot and bird. Umi escaped their assault on her lover Golo, who was pushed into the Hole. The cultists also robbed an alchemist, who was later questioned by Nero. They stole a ring.
  • Gool


    Glassy. Ex of Nero, commy. Juicy, yet invisible hips. She's definitely trying to seduce Snakefinger. Although she has no actual facial features, one instinctively knows that she is gorgeous and in her mid-twenties. She's still a scary skeleton.
  • Jim Slip

    Jim Slip

    Glassman thief and "face". Brother of [[:gool | Gool]]. Also a secret paper printing communist. Lost.
  • Nero


    Umi told you her brother is a purple bearded wizard, Nero. Gool was his former lover. He never joined their fight, being too obsessed with his studies, particularly in the two months before his sudden departure, probably in search for power, knowledge and
  • Umi


    Damsel in distress. Lost her lover Golo to the cultists and ran into your home in search for a protector. She's blonde and petite.
  • Vroomish


    Glassman communist rebell fighting the regime of the bourgois upper class and the Allmighty together with Gool and the lost Jim Slip.